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Unnecessary Itinerary to Cappadocia 

The final week in Turkey is my last chance to get out of Istanbul. Cappadocia is a must, I’m told. There are direct flights but I feel adventurous and want to try different modes of travelling. So I just make up an unnecessary itinerary to get there. 

  • High-speed train (YHT) to Ankara and two nights there
  • Coach to Nevşehir and three nights in the Cappadocia Region
  • Flight to Istanbul and two nights back in Kadıköy 
  • The final flight to Tbilisi, Georgia 

On top of that, I am working along the way. It is challenging. But as they say, it’s more about the journey than the destination.

High-speed Train to Ankara

It is my first time riding a high-speed train. That is the key reason, I make this crazy itinerary. Another one is to see how productive it can be on the train.

The big luggage is dropped off at a storage service. It takes about 25 minutes to walk from the Airbnb apartment to the Söğütlüçeşme station. Of course, it’s an Istanbul way to have a kitten trying to inspect your luggage before getting on the train. You don’t see this in other cities. 

Kitten inspecting luggage

I choose a business class for more working space at the seat. And you get a light lunch as well. This YouTube review sums up very well about Yüksek Hızlı Tren.

It is a five-hour and 561-km ride. The peak speed is 255 km/hr when it gets out of the urban area. Unfortunately, the train is covered by meshed stickers. You can see the view through the window but it isn’t the best from a phone camera. By the time we arrive in Ankara, I get a big chunk of work done. And the mobile connection is smooth all the way through. It is considerably productive on the route.

YHT window view at the peak speed
Melike Hatun Mosque
View from the hotel room—Melike Hatun Mosque

Ankara has a different vibe from Istanbul. I struggle to get into a pub—less touristy, less English speakers—but end up in a local with Turkish live music.

Street cats in Ankara
Lesser street cats in Ankara

Oh! That’s just the first day. 

The mission of the full day in Ankara is to get to AŞTİ for a bus ticket for the next travel—an excuse to explore the city on the Metro and foot. By the way, you don’t get a ticket when you pay. They just write the platform and seat number on a small piece of paper. I’m sure my name is in their system and put faith in them tomorrow. 

I’m too tired and stressed (about work and a dispute with the Airbnb host) to wander more. So, I get back to the hotel room to do some more work.

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