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Bogotá Pride: Dazzling Kickoff in South America

My first photoshoot in Colombia kicked off with Bogotá Pride. I learned they’d march at the end of Pride Month—good timing for me. With my track record of covering LGBTQ+ events in different cities: Sydney’s Mardi Gras events, DC, and Barcelona; I could justify bagging another city in another continent. My first time in South America was dazzling. 

To me, it was evident that the rainbow vibe became globalised: political statements, truckloads of drags & himbos, product endorsements, flag vendors, and gay tunes. In other words, it became cliché, like other cities and presumably other years. To that point with the wet weather and a sore toe, I turned around and got to a pub—too old to go all the way through.

Scrolling down the Wikipedia page, Colombia is a progressive one. Like many countries,  glittering celebrations of equal rights didn’t come without struggles. While Thailand is joining the countries that legally recognise marriage equality, this event allowed me to reflect on how far we have come, as a person and as the LGBTQ+ community. Yet, it’s a long way for many unfortunates. So, I try not to take the liberty for granted.

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