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Reflecting on Kadıköy

It’s the last Sunday in Kadıköy. I gotta have my last sight of the ‘hoods through the DSLR camera. This isn’t just visual reflections of sharp summer light but also the internal reflection of the second time staying on the Asian side of Istanbul.

After the recovery in home isolation, I join a local gym with sauna and yoga classes. Consequently, I am hooked and hardly get anywhere else. Exercising at the gym, working remotely in cafés, boozing in local pubs, and perching by the Bosphorus. The multi-façade of demography reminds me of other ‘hoods I have dwelled in, like Phra Khanong in Bangkok, Newtown in Sydney, and somewhat Adams Morgan in DC—with an Islamic twist.

Like an abstract painting with an ambience
Evening prayer with a streetscape
Evening prayer with a streetscape

It’s the pattern of what kinda places draw me in, eh?

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