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Cappadocia Part 1: Two Days in Towns

After the intense trip to Cappadocia, I’ve only got a couple of full days here. Despite the region’s vast area with magnificent landscape and rich history, that is enough for me to explore some spots and take some shots with the DSLR camera. 

Day 1: Remote Work and Small Talks in Ürgüp 

Unfortunately, the mission of the first day is the commitment to billable work. But while I’m here, it’d be great to do that with a view. But first, I have to book a balloon tour and a transfer to the airport at the hotel. Mostly, I talk to the owner’s son who fixes all the bookings. He jokes about taking him to Australia. Uhh, I sense the greener grass there.

After dealing with the payment in cash (ugh!), I take a local bus from Mustafapaşa to Ürgüp with the hope to find a beautiful spot to work on the video project I commit to.

In the town, while I’m inspecting a plank of wood with embedded stones, a young lady approaches me and explains it is for flattening the ground. Then I ask where I can find a cafe to do some work. She just points up and directs me upstairs where she works. Next, I find myself on a rooftop of a hotel in the middle of the town. 

There, I settle in and get into the flow all afternoon. After wrapping up the work for the day, I start drinking. Another stuff comes upstairs to serve. The young man asks me about the software I’m using. He’s also into making videos. I’m curious about what kinda content he’d like to produce since he’s got remarkable landscapes to work with. As you know we can take those for granted. But I leave it there. 

This spot is so scenic that I stay up there to catch the sunset and to watch the town transforming into the night scene while having beers and an interesting yarn with only other customers—a couple from India working for the UN in Lebanon. 

Since they don’t serve food up there, I have to move on for dinner. After that, I stroll the town centre a bit. A carpet dealer tries to lure me into his shop. I make it clear that I can’t buy any physical stuff—travelling light. He seems to understand what a digital nomad is. He states that he’s also a nomad himself, only dwelling to trade in town during the tourist season.

Finishing up the day, I take a cab back to the hotel. The hotelier informs me of the pick-up time for the balloon tour in the morning. There are many losses in translation. I get it this is a family business. But it’d be less frustrating if the hotel owner had clear communication skills. However, I need to get some sleep and look forward to tomorrow.

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