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Eight Months in DC on Instagram

In the early days in Washington DC, when people asked me “What do you think about DC?” I rolled my eyes and sighed because it was just too soon to tell plus the stress of the relocation. Now, with eight months of my job contract is over and I’m about to leave the city, I can look back and see what I can come up with. Photo is the usual visual diary to document I find in everyday life and Instagram is the usual channel for sharing it.

Here are some of the things I find in eight months living in Washington DC.

Beers…craft beers

So many and many of them. There are endless choices of craft beers and that doesn’t help for a big drinker and an ale lover like me. My preference is ale and the favourite one would be DC Brau’s The Corruption IPA. Two bars I become a regular are Purple Patch and Songbyrd. There are more of them I didn’t take photos.

Reflections and shadows

Downtown DC has distinctive urban light, I find. Possibly, that is a result of building height control. No high-rises block sunlight, especially, vertical lights that stretch longer shadows. Double glazed windows add distortions to the reflections. It is the most obvious on Sunday when no one on the streets except me commuting to the gym.

Seasonal skies

Surprisingly, DC sky is quite clear and blue. I’m not here the full whole year but some glimpses of summer 2015 and spring 2016 give me a good year-round summary. Autumn is still my favourite season for natural lights. The full-blown of winter and my first snowstorm aren’t that bad.

Cherry blossom on the sidewalk
Cherry blossom on the sidewalk

That’s all I could make out of it this time. I haven’t gotten out of DMV. There’s a strong tendency that I’ll be back in September for another contract. And I could explore more, appropriately.

Selfie at the bar at Purple Patch
Selfie at the bar at Purple Patch

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  1. sylmobile 02 Apr 2016

    I never knew there were no high rises.

    • 'Pong 18 Apr 2016 — Post Author

      I was told DC was provincial. Didn’t see that until took a cab to the airport. I guess I’ll need get out more next time.

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