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Juneteenth at the African American Civil War Memorial

Before leaving DC, I was fortunate to have a peek at Juneteenth celebrations, tagging along with the ensemble for their performance at the African American Civil War Memorial. This humble but significant public holiday was a decent roundup of my spring in the city!

Upon returning to Mount Pleasant, I learned the house was weekly hosted for singing rehearsals. It’s a group of volunteers organised by a friend of the landlady. They got booked to sing in some social activities in the city, including the morning event on Juneteenth at the Memorial. The occasion was meaningful.

It’s been over a year since I picked up the DSLR camera. The last time was in Amsterdam. Data loss discouraged me from shooting new materials. I was a bit rusty. Now I’m in South America for the first time, with new hard drives. There should be more to come from Colombia.

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