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Out to Space Year Twelve: the Beyond

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  9. Out to Space Year Twelve: the Beyond

April 2015 – March 2016

This is the final post of the series. Out to Space has come to year twelve. And most posts of the year are what I’ve been looking back in those years of the blog. Why am I doing this? Not only because it reveals to me why I blog but also gives some directions where it could go next.

It started from a photoblog as the platform that I discovered my passion. The following year laid down the foundation of photography. It got some decent exposures in year three (2006/2007) and led to the explosions of the photography works in the year after, which I started to get on videos. Then, there was the transformation to video when I got into College of Fine Arts and the intensity of to finish school. After that, I was mentally and physically worn out. And the blog became hollow. It got worse in the four years I lived in Bangkok. It was almost void.

Changing the scene to Washington DC helps to revive it. Actually, this is my New Year resolution for 2016—to go through the blog and see how far it has gone. I finally got a chance to clean up broken photo posts in the early years when it was in Moveable Type.

What I have learned from this rewinding is that this space is actually my playground. I get to play with photography, video and even in the webpages. I get to practice my brain in writing for it. Most of all, I get to share them on it. Good times, bad times. Hopefully, someone could learn from it. Definitely, I learned a lot more about myself.

This pays off nicely. Not in terms of revenues. There was an attempt on Google Ads on it but I took it off. I stopped checking traffic a long time ago. There were portfolio and showreel on it but they are also gone when I got a job at the World Bank. That was the real reward, actually. I couldn’t make this far without Out to Space, really.

Someone asked me why blogging since there’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all of those social media. Well, they work in different ways. Now, I prefer to put more effort into a blog post. It should be more thought through. And it is my own space, like my own house, not a shopping mall.

Now, I’m back in Bangkok for a long break from work. There will be no excuse for me to explore more stuff and share them on this space.

Lastly, I need to thank Stilgherrian who have been incredibly supportive, not only for the technical bits from the webserver space to domain name registration but also for his tremendously help from inputs and ideas to morale boosts when we lived under the same roof. Also, to all the viewers, readers, and commenters, you make it worthwhile.

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  1. zuzu 11 Apr 2016

    Love to both you and Stil. Miss you ‘Pong. Life was different back then. Hope to cross paths soon. xoxo

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