Birthday Merit

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  11. Birthday Merit
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  29. The Lost Three Gems in the City of Gods
  30. Mochit 2 Revisit
  31. Mobility of Faith
  32. Home Song Satellite
  33. Lost in Transportation
  34. Go with the Flow
  35. Error Ferris Wheel
  36. Thailand Random Symmetry
  37. Day and Night at Siam Square
  38. Trap Doors

Lotus And Buddha

I cannot remember when was the last time I made a random merit, Sankatana (สังฆทาน), to a monk on birthday, probably, at the Thai temple some years ago. Making merit is a Buddhist way to comfort Thai souls in order to live happily in peace in this life and the next.


The ritual is just to get a set of Sankatana offerings then find a monk in a temple and inform him of your intention. Basically, this should be any monk you come across. If you are not able to ceremonially converse in Pali-Sankrit with the monk, which most cannot, he will lead you all through the process. After the set is handed over, you must slowly pour a small jug of water into a bowl while he is praying for you and finally water a big tree near by.

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