Mochit 2

  1. Bangkok Connection
  2. Thai Election Kicks Off
  3. Mochit 2
  4. Bangkok Express
  5. Rayong Birds
  6. Talad Thep Chinda
  7. 9 Days in the Kingdom
  8. FAT Festival
  9. FAT Concert
  10. Sticky Tuk Tuk
  11. Birthday Merit
  12. Feed the Fish
  13. Moonlight with DH
  14. Patpong for the King
  15. Paul’s Birthday
  16. Step – Stylish Nonsense
  17. Trading Buddhas
  18. Grand Palace
  19. The Unstoppable Samak
  20. Likay Portraits
  21. Vanishing Marshland
  22. Talk to the Other Side
  23. Bangkok Daybreak
  24. Residencies of Gods
  25. 10 Years Tom Yum Goong Disease
  26. Demolishing Old House
  27. Constructing Bangkok
  28. Not Far from Home
  29. The Lost Three Gems in the City of Gods
  30. Mochit 2 Revisit
  31. Mobility of Faith
  32. Home Song Satellite
  33. Lost in Transportation
  34. Go with the Flow
  35. Error Ferris Wheel
  36. Thailand Random Symmetry
  37. Day and Night at Siam Square
  38. Trap Doors

I am on the way to Rayong, east of Bangkok. The best way to get there is by car via Motor Way but that is not possible for me. My only choice is a coach to the eastern province. The coach terminal is unofficially called Mochit 2 as the first Mochit (the area North and North-east terminal was called) is now BTS terminal.

Two Families

On the Coach

We do not get too far. The bus stops at the service station for a check up and it turns out that they do not have a replacement part to continue the journey. We have to hang around there until they can another bus for us. That gives me an opportunity to take some snaps of the place even though we are an hour behind the schedule.

No Go

Check up Check up

Hanging Around


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