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Disembarking 400 Days of Digital Nomad

Apparently, my first try at a digital nomad lifestyle was precisely 400 days. Those days covered a lot: locations, transportation modes, events (national and personal), a season cycle, and so on. As I have returned to the home shore, I’d like to systematically disembark the journey, which was sparked and planned to embark on in December 2021, to see if it was worth it. 

In summary:

  • 400 days: 28 February 2022 – 4 April  2023
  • 6 countries, 12 cities
  • 10 flights (2 overlays), 3 intercity trains, 4 out-of-city road trips, and 1 intercity coach
  • 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 3 tentative sites
  • 3 traditional festivals: Ramazan Bayramı in Türkiye, Orthodox Christmas in Georgia, and Novruz in Azerbaijan
  • 4 public gatherings: International Women’s Day in Istanbul, Pride in Barcelona, war anniversary, and Foreign Agent Bill protest in Tbilisi
  • 9 cinema sessions (none of them was a local film), 2 aged-restricted puppet theatres, 1 music festival, and 1 missed concert (booked a Röyksopp gig in Tbilisi but caught a cold)
  • 1 hay fever, 1 home isolation, 1 cold, and 1 hospitalisation
  • 8,561 mobile shots (photos and videos) and 8,871 DSLR photos 
  • 512 Instagram posts, 36 blog posts (including this one and the next), and 28 billed jobs

There’s no better way to debrief the 400 days than to visualise it. Here it is. The places I’ve been are in the middle timeline with some indented locations where weekend and day trips were. The left timeline comprises significant events from major public holidays to health issues. The right one is about the seasons and some conjunctions in the sky.

And while I was at it, why not visualise astrological transits parallel to the timelines to see if there’s any correlation with the cosmic movements? It turned out that apart from my choice of being in Tbilisi during Mars was in Gemini, I couldn’t see any links from the surface. Mind you, I haven’t looked deeply into the interactions with my natal chart.

Anyhow, this data visualisation practice is a learning curve on its own. I spent weeks formulating a workflow from gathering, cleaning, and transforming data into timelines. It allowed me to comprehend those 400 days and also established templates for future developments.

So, looking at the timelines, is it worth it? Hell, yeah!

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