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Sónar Barcelona: Blast of Energy 

Sónar is one of the reasons I’m in Barcelona. It’s my first music festival/dance party since the pandemic. What a blast of energy! Even though I enjoy the music and the dance, it’s hard to shake off an old habit of looking for some decent photo shots on the iPhone.

There are two separate venues: Day and Night. I skip the Day events to save some energy. The Night event covers from Friday evening to Sunday morning. The lineups are tantalising. The Blaze (2:50 am) and the Chemical Brothers (10:00 pm) are my pinned slots. They are on Saturday but on different evenings. 

I arrive the convention centre on Friday evening, stay up until dawn on Saturday, catch the train back, hit the bed, get up in the afternoon, have something to eat, take the train back to the venue, and spend another eight hour in the venue.  It’s the weekend blast.

When planning an itinerary, it’s good to keep events in prospect cites in my mind as criteria. This event has been on my list since the pre-COVID world. It also was cancelled in 2020-2021. However, there are some unintended events in town for me to check out—Pride Barcelona

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