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Rtveli: Georgian Wine Harvesting

One of my admirations about Tbilisi is Georgian wine. It fascinates me and I’d like to know more. Fortunately, this time of the year is a wine harvest season. In Georgian tradition, it’s rtveli. I join a tour to pick some grapes, taste some wine, and experience how Georgians throw a party.

Winemaking in Georgia can be traced back to 8000 years ago—the oldest. So, wine culture is embedded here. Many native grapes varieties and the ancient method using qvevris make Georgian wine unique.

The vineyard we visit is in Gori. The landscape is astounding. The weather is not bad for grape picking. The grapes themselves are ready.

After handpicking crate loads of grapes, the owner barbecues some pork to have with bread, cheese, and wine. Then we load the grapes into the van and get to the winery.

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