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The Synchronicity of Spring Celebrations

I originally planned to visit Baku to overlap with the start of Ramadan. Fortunately, it was also synchronised with the biggest holiday in Azerbaijan—Novruz Bayramı or the Spring Celebration. I hovered over the fair at Baku Boulevard to see the locals partying.

The public holidays for this Persian New Year were five days long, 20-24 March. The city was decorated with wheat sprouts and painted eggs, symbolising the entry of spring. The fair itself is modest (compared to Songkran in Thailand, Ramazan Bayramı in Türkiye or even Australia Day.) Nonetheless, positive energy was all around.

I just couldn’t help thinking about this significant period of 2023.

  • 21 March was an equinox and also synchronised with the New Moon when the Sun and the Moon entered the new zodiac cycle in Aries at 0°. Nothing embodied a fresh new year than that.
  • Followed by the start of Ramadan according to the Islamic lunar calendar on 22 March.
  • Lastly, astrologically speaking, Pluto entered a new zodiac sign of Aquarius for the first time on 23 March after being in Capricorn for 15 years.

It also proved to me there was more a lot to learn about this part of the world. I guess that is what travelling is about.

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