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Cappadocia Part 2: Two Flights in One Day

The last day in Cappadocia is somehow overwhelming. The balloon tour I originally booked was moved to the same morning as the departure back to Istanbul. Hence, I get two different air flights in a day. They are both not certain and out of my control. Heaps of faith I put into them.

Flight 1: Balloon Ride in Çat

Yesterday, I could only see the sunrise from the van. Today is a different story. The balloon flight goes ahead as planned. This is my first time taking aerial photography. Worth it!

Flight 2: Flying Back to Kadıköy

It is an epic way to end the Cappadocia trip. But the bliss doesn’t last. I get nervous if I will miss another flight of the day. It takes about an hour for the van to drop me off at the hotel since I’m the last one. I quickly wash up and pack. And it takes another hour from Mustafapaşa to Kayseri Erkilet Airport.

Ultimately, it’s all good. I get there with enough time for a light breakfast. And there are small chances to have a nap: in the van, on airport transfer, and on the plane.

It feels good to be back in Kadıköy, home in a sense. I check in at a hotel, pick up the big luggage, have a shoeshine, visit the gym for body measurements, and do some billable work. 

That’s the day!

I stay here for another day for breathing time and to enjoy the first city I came to as a digital nomad for the last day. Of course, it feels melancholic to leave the city I’m attached to. What a fucking journey! But I need to move on to the next one—Tbilisi.

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