Loy Krathong in Pak Kred

Full Moon over Chao Phraya River
Full Moon over Chao Phraya River on Loy Krathong night in Pak Kred, Nontaburi

My original plan was to focus on Bangkok’s management of the waste in Chao Phraya River on the night. Unfortunately, the Environment Office needed me to personally present the project and I had trouble getting to their office in such a tight timeline. So plan B was just being spontaneous in the event somewhere.

I was feeling crooked from fever and the drinks on the night before so I decided not to go to a big event in the city. A district called Pak Kred in Nonthaburi Province, north border of Bangkok, was my choice because it was not too far from my brother’s where I stayed. But I was wrong to expect a small and intimate night. Being crushed in the crowd by yourself while having a fever was not the best idea of travelling but I did it anyway because I was already there. However, I took it easy and retreated quickly before it got worse and spoiled the rest of the trip.

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