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The Record Session

After the big weeks of my own shooting production, the first presentation, Joy’s production and the re-shoot, now I can feel at ease and have a time to reflect on the project and update it here. First of all, the record session.

One of the most beautiful scene we shot was the laundry room scene. However, we anticipated that the sound would be the problem because of the noise of the dryer. ADR (Additional Dialogue Replacement) seemed to be the only solution. Thanks to Tony, setting up room CG15 went smoothly and was on time with Fay arrived for her session. She confessed that she’d never done this before. Well, I once dubbed myself in a speaking extra role in a Thai movie years ago. She got used to it quickly and pull it off very well.

There was a change in final script in the bedroom scene. The telephone conversation between Daniel and Chrissie was added to the scene. Helen was called to record the audio with Gerard. These actors finally met each other. It was easy for Helen even though, to my surprise, it was her first recording session. Gerard overcame his speech difficulty with breathing technique. We could hear his deep breathe between the line as I directed him to pause into a rhythm. The outcome was satisfying even though I felt I did not force him to break out of his monotone.

30 August 2009

The Big Day

It was such a bad time getting a cold during the week of production. The fatigue got me just after the rehearsal then sore throat later in the week. It got worse on the first day of shooting and was not better on the last day. The stress certainly contributed to the body immune system.

However, everything was plan to be on schedule. The cast, crew and equipment were logged in.

  • Gerard O’Dwyer as Daniel
  • Fay Akrivou as Betty
  • Helen Perris as Chrissie


  • ’Pong — Director and everything else
  • Ben Park — director of Photography
  • Joy Acedillo — Script Supervisor
  • Adam Jones — Sound Recordist
  • Nikita Byrnes — Runner
  • Raj Muneshwar — Production Manager
  • Elham Merheb — Hair & Make up
  • Thandiwe Phillips — Driver
  • Stilgherrian — Still Photographer & Catering


Sony Z1P, wide lens converter, tele lens converter, Manfrotto tripod, Red Head, Dedo Light, dolly track, field monitor, reflector disc and Zoom H4 recorder.


15 August: party scene, kitchen scene, and lounge scene in a Surry Hills then hallway scene in Enmore.


It is not uncommon that the first day is a slow day. My strategy is to go easy and have cast and crew get comfortable working together. First problem we found on the site was the noise of the construction around the corner. But by the time we were ready was after lunch and they finished there work. The natural light in the kitchen was beautiful and we found that we could shoot from the outside through the window. The lounge was very tricky to lit. We used scrim moving in front of Dedo light to create  movement on mother’s face. Then we moved to Enmore for hallway scene. It was not easy to get the lighting right for the mood.

16 August: beach scene in Coogee (7 AM call), bedroom scene, laundry room scene and bathroom scene in Enmore.


It was a beautiful morning in Coogee Beach and we had Gerard there today. He was sush a star that needed a lot of attention and care. He improved on his paper folding a lot. I was glad that he, I and the crew got along very well. Ben taught him how to use a DSLR we brought in the shoot. That was an interesting result to see what how saw in through the lens.

In the bedroom we converted a men’s room into a lady’s and Ben had to perform a slow diagonal 180 degrees pan in a small space. Then we kept going on the tough scene. Fay was not inspired in the laundry room and could not deliver the disjointed dialogue which she had to perform as a monologue. She ended up hiding away in the dark. I had the crew break and 5 minutes later she came out and was ready. The set, camera movement and the performance came together quite well.

We had to wait for the night fall for the scene. Therefore Fay and I had sometime to talk about the scene and rehearsed as she admitted that the bathroom scene was a harder than she thought. Once in the set and the mood got into her, she gave one of the best performance I had seen in the film. I respected her to give that 100%.

Over all, I was satisfied with the production so far. We managed to shoot on schedule. Cast and crew seemed to be happy working on the day. Thank you everyone to put up with me. I’ll be meeting with the cast again for ADR and VO recording and there’ll be a big post-production ahead.

17 August 2009

Folding a Boat

I had a telephone conversation with Ann, Gerard mother, yesterday and found out that he were not doing so good at folding a paper boat. I gave them copies of origami boat diagram on the rehearsal day. The issue was anticipated then. I decided to help them out with an instructional video and some guidelines on a piece of paper. Otherwise the jump cut in opening sequence is going to be very interesting to edit.


12 August 2009

Invitation for COFA Annual 09




Opening: 24 November, 6pm-8pm

Running: 24-29 November, 11am-6pm

COFA Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd, Paddington

Kudos Gallery 6 Napier St, Paddington

SCREENING: Digital Media and Time Based Art

17 November, 6pm-11pm

Chauvel Cinema Paddington Town Hall, Paddington

Everyone is welcomed. My short film will be on the Screening and shown in the exhibition as well. Please see previous post for more detail.

Meet the Cast

It was another big day before the shooting with the actors: Gerard, Fay and Helen. They got the role of Daniel, Betty and Chrissie respectively. I spread the time of arrival to get a chance to time sometime with Gerard and Fay alone with myself to talk about the character.

Gerard is a very smart man and deserves his award from Tropfest. He got to my house on time at 10 am. We had a chat. I was worried about his speech but it went fine with his breathe technique. And we used a tape recorder to help him with the speech as he had it in his last film. I had poke him all the time that he is in a different film. However, There were some issues emerged. The first one was it took time for him to learn how to fold an origami boat and the outcome would be as neat as I imagined. I might have to slice edit as jump cut. Another one we found that it was hard for him to portray a complex character. Especially the laundry room scene which had two beats. He could be too angry without a dramatic arch. I will have to work on him on location.


Fay arrived when we were having lunch. I cooked Thai marinated roast beef as a treat. It’s Sunday after all. She was amazing with her method techniques. She took my direction very well and gave me a goosebum when we rehearsed the laundry scene. We talked about each scene she had to perform by herself until Helen joined us at 4 pm.

Helen also auditioned for Betty role but I found her look was too young. I offer Chrissie part becsause she had a caring touch in her. They got along fine with the kitchen scene.

Over all, it was a great day. Thank you Joy for coming along for the rehearsal I was very happy with result and the lunch I made. I still have to work on Gerard but I believe he will be good at it.

11 August 2009