The Casting

The major task during the semester break is to find the right actors to play the main character. Joy and I decided to have a joint casting because one of our characters, the mother, shared pretty much the same profile. Let alone our scripts were similar too.

Mainly we posted the cast call through StarNow and Quiet on Set and I had some help from Allison Richardson for my special requirement. The response the call was very interesting when Joy’s rebellious teenage girl applications bombarded Joy and only handful applied for the mother role (especially I disclosed that my character had a nude scene) whereas I could get only 3 persons to come in for the audition for the son.

There was a bit of a stress when I had to revise the script for escalating more tension in the story and it had be done and sent for the casting. But as I always say deadline creates works.

We spent two days for the casting and the turn up rate was about 80 per cent. It seemed to me I really did not have too many choices but it was like you found someone that just clicked to the role. And they did. However, we chose the shortlists and presented them to our lecture when the break is over. So it was unfortunately for them to play a waiting game for the next several weeks.

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