The Magician

There are some questions to think about the script that we want to create for the final project:

  • What is the story you are telling? What is it inside you? It has to be an issue that you are passionate about.
  • What is the character that brings the story through? What is hope or fear that drives the story? Hope is the ultimate goal whereas fear is where you do not desire to face.
  • And who is the story for? Who are really the people we want to talk to? This will determine how we build the lead character that can relate to the audience.

The protagonist should be humanised and has the spark of life even though he/she is not a good guy. There has to be something that intrigues others. On the other hand, the antagonist bring changes to the story. Conflict is the central of the story. The antagonist is the person who gets in the way of hope or put fear in front of the protagonist. In the end, it comes the moment of catharsis. He/she is not the same person any more.

As a artist, we are the magician whose job is to guide the audience to inhabit the world we have created for them.

23 March 2009

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