Pitching the Project

After a semester-long period of developing an idea and some of the first drafts of the scripts, we came to the big pitching day at the end of the semester. Because of the scale of the class, they had to split the presentation session into two weeks and we did not know which week we would be in the hot seat.

I was not chosen in the first week but picked up to replace the lucky absentees. Since I was the last one who was called on the day and I double clicked my file after it was transferred to the local computer, therefore, as it happened, I was the first one to present. That was absolutely fine since it was done and over except a few hiccups with PowerPoint program.

The main comment from the teacher was I had to pull the shooting day two weeks earlier, or at least, a week considering the post-production I was proposing. Other than that, there were some issues I had to work on dure the semester break:

  • Do a research on DSLR either Nikon D5000 or Canon 5D Mark II (I dropped the plan to shoot with DSLR since it was too much technical stuff I could do at the time.)
  • Script breakdown. Didn’t really do much about it at all, to be honest.
  • Casting. (Joy and I decided to join the casting process since we both had similar main characters in our scripts.)

May 2009

Note: This is the recollection of the last post, which was on the old COFA blog. I will share the casting we did on the break and then be straight on what the posts on the new COFA blog soon.

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