Semester Break Update

Just to update the progress of my major project short film, Memory of You | Reflection of Me while we were having the semester break.

  1. Script revision — Major change in one scene from Train Station to Laundry Room. The scene will be a dialogue responding between Betty talking on the phone and Daniel voice over.
  2. Casting — The major issue was discovered in the audition.  The voice is too obvious to reveal the condition of the narrator before the last shot of the film.
  3. Camera — It has not been decided which camera will be used for the film. There is also a choice of using a converter to mount camera lens on Sony Z1P.
  4. Schedule — Once we knew the SOMA 9500 outline and its presentation weeks, I was be able to plan and adjust the film schedule in more detail. The key production shoot was moved from week 4 to week 5 due to another commitments.

4 August 2009

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