Out of the Hole

I am still trying to squeeze what is inside me for the first draft of the final project script. The strategies have been applied but it is still being developed.

Looking at personal experience, it was very hard for me to revisit the lowest emotion. What I found that I felt so alone and fought it by myself. It overwhelmed me so that I could hardly write anything. It was to the point that I thought I chose the subject that was too close to myself.

Another approach was research.  YouTube provided an invaluable source of mental illness, especially from the patient’s point of views. Watching people with these problems for hours was quite a daunting experience. I found beyondblue, DepressionCarer were very useful for my research.

What I am doing at the moment are:

  • The thoughts are organised by mindmapping technique.
  • The beginning and end, which are what I have in mind in the very first time, are put in Celtx.
  • The middle is the tough part for me but at least the structure has been laid down.
  • I take note of a random thought and a real life quote.
  • Some characters may to be added to build up a climax.

So far, this is a long process. And it is frightening too.

7 April 2009

Note: This is it! It is the last blog post on COFA blog I have on my own record. It is assumed that the next post there was the first draft of the script which I will not post it here, not in the near future anyway. However, I will post the process I can recall until it gets to the following semester when we, the Master of Digital Media, blogged about their project again.

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