Fauna Gallery

Crossing the Lines Early Bird Where's Your Spot? Rippler Disrupted Shadow of Autumn Juveniles Feminine Masculine Mating Ladybugs Lady Hunter Hot Climb Breakfast at Circular Quay Long-billed Corella Little Corellas First Stop Big Chill Big Meal Chewing Away Shower Upside-down View Attack Retreat Good Morning Sydney Top of the Blue Lagoon Afternoon Snack Stuck in the Food Chain Army of Love Parsley Paradise: Transition Parsley Paradise: Nymph Brand New Dress Absolute Measure Flying Ibises For the Kids Nicely Blend in Kiss Kiss the Girl Go! Caught in the Two Worlds Line Triangle Rippler #2 Lark Greetings III Lark Greetings I & II A Lark on a Lamp An Arvo Guest Bird on a Wire Balmain Living Season's Greetings 2004 Skink in Sink Living with the Dead Wave Rider Perfect Hide Smiling for Camera Family Gorgeous Rainbow Feather Edgy Ladybug #2 Free Flight Emerald Move Furry Look The Visitor Morning Bee Artemis & Apollo Apollo Artemis Flapping Playing with a Cockatoo Gliding Flying Fox Drying Wings Sunset Call Dancing on the Ceiling Edgy Lady Bug The Flyer Jungle II Jungle Looking at You Palm & Lorikeets