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Flying Ibises

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Early up in one morning, a flock of sacred ibises (Theskiornis aethiopica) flying in the sky. They look alright up high, however, as one of Sydney urban birds, they shamelessly pick trash. Pity, at this point, they are not much better than pigeons or silver gulls.

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I think this picture is just beautiful, you can really feel the movement of the ibis as they sore through the sky, yet it also feels still. I classify myself as a nature photographer and think that you have a beautiful collection. I am just descovering all of these web links to the photography world and am interested in getting some of my work viewed and commented on. If you get a chance maybe you could check me out, i have some prints in a gallery with photographersplace. look forward to your comments.
cheers kathryn

kathryn 27 June 2006 12:38 PM

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