Washington DC One Month in: Winding down

Purple Patch in Mount Pleasant Road

This weekend is my first long weekend and the first month living in the US. In months since I decided to take this new job in Washington DC, this is the first time I finally could be able to feel at ease. Before it gets to this point, it has been such a ride dated back five months ago.

Looking back, in April when I knew I got the job, it wasn’t very easy to decide at all. I had to leave the well-secured position with decent benefits like health insurance and pensions. Even though the new work is in the same international organisation, the compensation as a consultant I’d get was only flat day rate in a limited number of days per year. So basically, I’d only be in the job for about eight months without a guarantee. I took a plunge anyway.

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Thank You, Bangkok

Mirror, mirrow
Mirror, mirror tell me…

Dear Bangkok,

I just want to let you know how fantastic you are and how much I love you even though I am about to leave you, again. I have to say that the years back in the city have given me much more than I asked from you.

Four and a half years ago I came back to you to retreat myself from the whole roller coaster ride in Sydney. I needed a rest, well, kind of a fresh start. You not only gave me back the strength and the sense of security but also inspired me as if this experience in the city was a new one for me.

Being away for almost a decade refreshed my views to the city, which has grown a lot. As I have both eyes of a foreigner and a local, I have discovered so many cool things about you.

Bangkok, you accommodate so many walks of life. I really enjoy people you from around the world you host: expats, migrant workers, tourists, and locals. You are such a sincere hypocrite in this realm of organised chaos. And I fucking love it!

There are for many amazing stories about you to tell the world and I haven’t done a justice for you. I still have photo series and blog posts about you that I want to share them but they haven’t seen the light. And I owe you that, big time.

Now, I am moving on for a new job in Washington DC and entering a phase of uncertainty again. And you know what? I couldn’t do it without you.

I cannot say thank you enough for embracing this old Bangkokian back into your arms and letting me fly out from the nest again to take on the world. I’m gonna make you proud.

And thank everyone who make Bangkok one of the most fascinating cities in the world. That includes my family, old friends, new friends, colleagues, fellow drinkers in the pubs, regular shops and street vendors in the neighbourhood, and even strangers that I got chances to have a look at some glimpse of your lives.

Bangkok, you are beautiful, amazing, and awesome. One last thing I’d like to ask from you is to wish me luck for another new adventure. Again, big thanks to you.

That Used to Be a Cinema in Phra Khanong Part 1: Asia Rama

Have you ever wondered what the building you live in now used to be? When I found out that the condo I am living in now was one of stand-alone cinemas in the neighborhood, it excited me tremendously. It triggers my thoughts about the transformation of the Bangkok’s urban landscape.

When I moved back to Bangkok few years ago, it just happened that I ended up living in Phra Khanong area where I was very new to it. It’s on the other side of this big city as opposed to Don Muang, where I grew up. My last recollection of this strip was the heavy traffic jam on the intersection and there was a row of cinema signage.

The building I live in now is called the Bloom Condo but according to SEA Movie Theatre Project in 2009, it was Asia Rama. SoiDB has both of them in their database. That is such a repurpose from an entertainment venue to a residential tower.

On top of that, it is gorgeous to see its transformation as well. An enthusiast has posted a photo series of its demolition. And luckily, when Google Street View started to roll out in Bangkok in 2011, it has archived the construction of the new building as well.


Asia Rama was not the only stand-alone cinema in Phra Khanong area. There was a cluster of them. While it was in the hay day, there were at least six theaters and five department stores in this area. But I think the cinema was the last one operating. According to Wikipedia, it was closed down on 20 August 2009. The transformation is still happening as we speak. I will post about some of other cinemas later.

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2014 Wrap up: It’s All About the Urge

The last time I have the year wrap up blog was in 2011, which was the first full year in back in Bangkok. The absence of 2012 and 2013 could be excused in this year first post. I think I have achieved two main goals this year: getting the moon tattoo and returning to blogging.

After the pain and the rest of the tattoo in the first quarter of the year, I made a progress on the blogging compares to only sole photo post in 2013. I started off with reposting some interesting instagram photos and some random mysterious shoes on the streets. Then the full series on the holiday break in the northeast and the north of Thailand.

It wasn’t easy to pull this off with the day job, I found. Especially, there was a personal video project involved. Well, I think I have to post some of my memorable video works from this year job at work to make sense of the achievement I’ve made in the year.

2015, I have some ambitious goals I’d like to make it. Let’s see.