2014 Wrap up: It’s All About the Urge

The last time I have the year wrap up blog was in 2011, which was the first full year in back in Bangkok. The absence of 2012 and 2013 could be excused in this year first post. I think I have achieved two main goals this year: getting the moon tattoo and returning to blogging.

After the pain and the rest of the tattoo in the first quarter of the year, I made a progress on the blogging compares to only sole photo post in 2013. I started off with reposting some interesting instagram photos and some random mysterious shoes on the streets. Then the full series on the holiday break in the northeast and the north of Thailand.

It wasn’t easy to pull this off with the day job, I found. Especially, there was a personal video project involved. Well, I think I have to post some of my memorable video works from this year job at work to make sense of the achievement I’ve made in the year.

2015, I have some ambitious goals I’d like to make it. Let’s see.

Wrapping up Travel 2014

By numbers:


Morning Train to Bangkok

As soon as I got up on the train from Chiang Mai, my focus was almost immediately on the changing landscapes outside the window—from Ayutthaya Station right up Hua Lamphong Station. It was an enjoyable mixed bag of urban creep sceneries to see.

In Ayutthaya, there was a rhythm of rice fields and industrial estates emerging from the light of dawn. Then they started to work on the new Dark Red Line suburban commuter train in Rungsit. Don Muang was the mark that it had entered Bangkok with the old International Airport. Along the way, there was Bangkok’s Stonehenge, which became street artists’ heaven. It went through the train depot in Bang Sue, which would be the last clear horizon perspective from the train. Finally, while it was approaching the final destination in Hua Lamphong, Bangkok from the train view turned into dense communities.

By the time the train arrived Bangkok, the camera phone and the spare powerbank almost ran out of their power and I got very exhausted with the travelling and everything. But it was all really worth it.

All the shot was taken with an iPhone. The music “Sunburn” by Lee Rosevere trough Creative Commons license BY-NC 4.0