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Artemis & Apollo

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I'm proud to say I'm a cat person. And these cats (Felis silvestris) are just too cute to keep them to myself.

On the left is Artemis and on the right is Apollo. Although they are not biologically brother and sister, we consider they are, not just because we named them after twins from Greek mythology, but they were actually adopted from the Cat Protection Society of New South Wales together. And they get along well with each other with their own interesting but opposite characters.

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I like this and It’s like a symmetry.
They resemble my cat.

Kumiko 16 September 2004 1:58 AM

two fines shots; color, content, detail, all xlnt

btezra 13 September 2004 1:08 AM

nice. the one of apollo (right) is perfectly sharp and the contrast/color is spot on. great shot.

craig v 12 September 2004 12:58 PM

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