Thai Election Kicks Off

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The first 5 days in Bangkok were very frustrating without the Internet connection at my brother’s because it’s far away from any wifi hot spot coverage and I didn’t realise that MacBook Pro hadn’t internal modem. Who would have thought of that? We are taking broadband for granted. I had to carry the laptop around the city to get connected.

Apple External ModemEventually, I bought Apple USB Modem for a reasonable price, 2,000 Baht, from iStudio at Siam Discovery Centre. Now I am on the Net but have to get used to 56.6 speed.

Stilgherrian is following up Australian election. It turns out to be a boring one for him. Well, he’s going to see something different here with Thai General Election. It starts today with live coverage on the draw of party list election number. The draw has two stages. The preliminary sets the order for the party leaders to come up to draw the actual number for the election.

Constitution Tray (พานรัฐธรรมนูญ)

This is crucial to get an auspicious number: one and nine. Logically, they are easy to remember. However, most parties rely on superstition because there are not many differences in the policies. After the disintegration of Thai Rak Thai Party, its members moved across all over to other parties, as Thaksin bought them to upsized his party then, or formed new ones. So far I see the same old politicians in new parties, some are now the leader. One of them, Sanoh Thienthong of Royal People Party, who won the luckiest number, nine, gives an interview. He blabs how the event went into his favour not much of his manifesto. I can’t be less convinced.

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