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Post-Election Boarded DC

As the 2020 US election was approaching, anxieties in Washington DC also loomed. Shops on the streets were boarded up again, especially in the Downtown area. As a followup on the last collage of anti-looting boards, I went to check them out on the day after Joe Biden became the President-Elect.

There were not as many as when the Black Lives Matter movement intensified. New messages on the boards were about the election, no doubt. What fascinated me were the original murals from June. They became backgrounds of the urban landscape. There were not just decor for outdoor restaurant seats but also the city’s moral statements.

The atmosphere at Black Lives Matter Plaza was also different from five months earlier. It filled with celebrating Biden supporters and journalists. Here is audio along the strip on the day.

2020 has been a long one. We have come so far.

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