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Throwback: 2009 Dust Storm, Enmore

A post on Twitter reminded me what happened today eleven years ago–2009 Australian dust storm. I remembered I took some photos that morning. They have been sitting in the hard drive for more than a decade.

I was in awe to get up and see the world turning red. Stilgherrian and I explore our blocks in Enmore. Contrary to the apocalyptic look, it felt calm. It was one of those rare natural phenomenons that we were just there.

However, we weren’t out on the streets long and got home. I went back to bed straight away. The photos were processed days after that. But then my priority was the final COFA project. Then the course of my life started to change in 2010. As time went by, they became one of those forgotten images in my library.

Thanks, Stilgherrian for waking me up that day.

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