New Year Challenges

I have to say the progress I made in 2009 would not compare to the new adventures of 2010 at all. It started off with a partial lunar eclipse, which fell on New Year Day in Australian time zones. On top of that, it was a blue moon as well. According to astrology, it brings an extraordinary impact on your life. On that day, Stilgherrian and I have ended our eight-year-old relationship.

It is time we have to find our own ways to move on in our lives. I will save the first two days of 2010 for another time or maybe in other forms of medium. It is still too early to say anything firmly what will be the next chapter.

This gives me a chance to look ahead and to new possibilities. At this stage, new scenery is what I have been longing for. Most of the time in Sydney, I made a living from hospitality. While I was serving food to other people, it actually ate inside me. Not being able to use my full potential caused a lot of troubles, not only just to myself but also to the person I loved.

And that is my main goal in 2010?’to use my talented to pay the bills. And I am looking forward to the challenges in the future.

PS: I bought the train ticket on the New Year?s Eve but it was printed as it was on New Year Day. Any explanation?

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  1. Perhaps they were giving you a free return trip as you would go into town on new years eve, watch the fire works and then return on new years day. If they printed 31 Dec on the ticket, you would not be able to go home.

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