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Songkran Like No Next One

It was planned when I finished the contract job in DC by the end of March to be able to get to Bangkok by the time of Thai New Year celebration. And I party so as if there was no next year.

There have been some concerns, as always with decencies of water fight, the fatality of the road tolls, and this year, Southeast Asia is facing a severe drought. That would be that the killer, which bring the festival down.

Nonetheless, I go out all three days to the three major spots in Bangkok: Silom, Royal City Avenue, and Khao Sarn Road. I  play with pano in iPhone that gives a jiggering effect when panning the phone around with lots of moving people. It portrays the wild scene nicely, I find. Click each image to see the details of deform humans. Continue reading Songkran Like No Next One

Day Three Part Two—From the Full Moon to the Rising Sun

Geometry of light
Geometry of light

It is quite calm on the boat ride to Full Moon Party in Haad Rin. It is the same route as I took in the morning but with the moonshine behind the cloud, reflecting the sea. It feels strange that this tranquillity will drop us off to the beats of chaos.

Approaching Full Moon Party
Approaching Full Moon Party

Essentials for the party Too many choices make you stressed Rest on a rock
Bottled down Big players The left over

I always have a mix feeling about big parties. There were times I took photos of dance parties in Sydney I was not sure I was fond of them them but got photos I really liked. They are bits and pieces of basic human nature I pick up from them.

I only work on the camera phone this time. The main challenge is to stay up all night to catch the dawn, the most photogenic scene. I have done so in a past assignment but this time with the sun rises in front of you.

I stick to a electronic music area, which is not too crowded and have some chats with other partygoers. I surprisingly enjoy myself in the party.

Worshiping the Sun
Worshiping the Sun

Please keep Haad Rin clean The sleep over Leaving the party

Life’s Too Short

COFA Annual 09 Opening was on and I felt shitty with the people I was trying to associate with. I just could not pretend that I fitted in. It was very disappointing that I chose to hang around with them instead of joining Media in the Pub. At least, I knew there would be more mature people there. So I cast myself out from the party and walked to Central Station to catch the train home.

Then there was this and I was fascinated by it. Yeah! A dead rat just made my night.

Life's Too Short


This is my small contribution to Project TOTO. I borrow Sony Z1P from COFA to have my hands on during the semester break and bring it toStilgherrian‘s farewell party at our local pub, Kelly’s on King aka Afternoon Office. Mark Pesce suggests that we should do a vox pop on his big journey and I agree. The hard thing in making this video is I like to enjoy the party as well as run around make people talk to the camera. Later on Stilgherrian has a play with it himself with some cutaway shots until the tape is run out.

Stilgherrian is leaving for Tanzania in just one sleeps. I’m certain that he is psyched up about this project. We are looking forward to the two world meet.