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Songkran Like No Next One

It was planned when I finished the contract job in DC by the end of March to be able to get to Bangkok by the time of Thai New Year celebration. And I party so as if there was no next year.

There have been some concerns, as always with decencies of water fight, the fatality of the road tolls, and this year, Southeast Asia is facing a severe drought. That would be that the killer, which bring the festival down.

Nonetheless, I go out all three days to the three major spots in Bangkok: Silom, Royal City Avenue, and Khao Sarn Road. I  play with pano in iPhone that gives a jiggering effect when panning the phone around with lots of moving people. It portrays the wild scene nicely, I find. Click each image to see the details of deform humans.

Having been living in three countries in the past ten years, there’s one thing about be not fitting in. And it gets harder in festive times. Christmas, Australia Day, Easter Holiday, ANZAC Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving. They don’t do anything anymore even when I was back in Thailand, I didn’t go to Buddhist things not even Loy Krathong. I go out a little bit in New Year and more like works in Sydney’s Mardi Gras but Songkran is the one I always look forward to.

It traces back ten years ago when I was missing Thailand the most and reflecting on myself on the dawn in Sydney Harbour. It has been lingering in me since. Actually, this is the first post about it while I’m in the country.

This Thai New Year, Songkran, marks as another phase for me. Next year, I might not be able to do this if I go back to the US in September. However, next time if an opportunity comes, I should do something really special for it.

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