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Day Three Part Two—From the Full Moon to the Rising Sun

It is quite calm on the boat ride to Full Moon Party in Haad Rin. It is the same route as I took in the morning but with the moonshine behind the cloud, reflecting the sea. It feels strange that this tranquillity will drop us off to the beats of chaos.

I always have mixed feelings about big parties. There were times I took photos of dance parties in Sydney I was not sure I was fond of them but got photos I really liked. They are bits and pieces of basic human nature I pick up from them.

I only work on the camera phone this time. The main challenge is to stay up all night to catch the dawn, the most photogenic scene. I have done so in a past assignment but this time with the sun rising in front of you.

I stick to an electronic music area, which is not too crowded and have some chats with other partygoers. I surprisingly enjoy myself at the party.

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