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Life’s Too Short

COFA Annual 09 Opening was on and I felt shitty with the people I was trying to associate with. I just could not pretend that I fitted in. It was very disappointing that I chose to hang around with them instead of joining Media in the Pub. At least, I knew there would be more mature people there. So I cast myself out from the party and walked to Central Station to catch the train home.

Then there was this and I was fascinated by it. Yeah! A dead rat just made my night.

Life's Too Short

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  1. Fergus 29 Nov 2009

    Decisions, decisions eh?
    It’s a shame that MITP wasn’t the thing that made your night, but if we have to cede that honour to a dead rat, so be it.

    • 'Pong 29 Nov 2009 — Post Author

      @Fergus Promise me that there would be no new graduates or a couple who could not leave their hands off each other.

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