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Phishing for Ideas

Calling TV Series Script Writers

Applications Close: Tuesday 31 August, 2010
Location: – NSW
Salary: Negotiable

We’re a Production company looking for television series scripts to develop and produce.

We’d love to hear from you if you have an idea for a television series!

There are no limitations on genre or style, we’re just on the hunt for some great ideas.

If you have something you’ve been working on that we might be interested in, please email us with:

  1. A one paragraph synopsis
  2. A copy of the script
  3. CV or information about yourself

Please email your applications to:

Please note: Due to the pure inundation of emails you may not receive a response to your application.

Seriously, this is it, an advertising calling for TV series found on Screen Hub. Basically, they want to see your ideas for a television show, any ideas, and you might, just might, be contacted. It could be the greatest idea for television format ever created but you could lose it and you might not even know it. This smells really fishy.

The thing is ideas are not copyright protected. When you give an idea to someone and they use it, legally you cannot claim it is yours anymore. That may sound awful but I believe ideas are to share and to be worked on by a bunch of people or a length of time. Some idea might not see the light forever but eventually, they could become great inventions or masterpieces.

Either you are an emerging or establishing Production company (with capital P), and you want to produce something and you do not have an idea, why not start from what you are passionate about and develop it from there. When you put an anonymous job advertising with close to nothing to offer, it means whether you are a lazy bugger or a dodgy scammer.

I have emailed them to introduce myself and ask more about their profile but will not hold my breath to receive a reply since they are expecting  “pure inundation of emails” from desperate creative peeps. My brain sometimes works is a like train of thoughts running with fuel of ideas and it is not very healthy when you cannot stop it. That is why I need to create something to let those out otherwise it is going to implode. But I will let it be and have my gray matters splattered on a floor full of filthy, hungry rats rather than share my ideas with these people unless, at lease, I know who they are.

I’ll give you $10 if they contact me back.

Flash Web Fossil

While I was browsing a production house directory, it came to my mind that some  still touch with new media. Macromedia Flash was an over-hyped platform in the beginning of the millennium. It has developed through time and the take-over of Adobe. It might look cool those days but without supporting plugin, it is useless. For examples, these two production houses I clicked through Production Paradise. It turned out that they required an almost obsolete plugin, Flash Player version 5 and 6. What is the point of getting to know these companies? It shows how careless they are, especially, these days when the technology is moving fast. That said, what we are presenting on the web today, they might not be able to experience it in two years time if we do not keep up with the technology. Watch out!


Every now and then I just get hooked by YouTube by TVCs from Thailand. It is very good to see how they turned around a tradition product to catch up the with audience without losing its legacy. I am not sure this two TVCs are from the same campaign since the tone and genre go in different ways for different purposes.

The first one is an uplifting about a bankrupt father whose his son reminds him of the willpower to re-build his business whereas the latter is a straight forward Kung-Fu TV series spoof. (You do not need subtitles, do you?)

It is almost a norm in creative strategy now that you alternate mood and tone of a product so that it is hard to compare with the predecessor’s success and retain the target’s royalty.

I may keep digging down more TVCs, old ones and the ones I discover. Compare and share.

Clean and Green Box


I am very pleased to live in this commy village. And this is one of the reasons. Marrickville Councils is distributing No Advertising Material with the message:

Dear Residents,

Australia engages in a common practice of using household letterbox distribution as an advertising medium. In fact, approximately, 10 billion catalogues, unaddressed flyers and leaflets were produced by retailers and distributed letterbox last year.

To reduce amount of paper that goes to waste each year and support litter prevention, Marrickville Councils has produced a No Advertising Materials sticker you may like to place on your letterbox.

If you still receive mainstream bundled catalogues of advertising mail you dont want, call Distribution Standard Board on 1800 676 136. They will take action for you if it relates to print material of a commercial nature.

To stop junk mail that is addressed to a household resident, register with Australian Direct Marketing Association on 9277 5400. This will reduce addressed and unsolicited mail from ADMA member companies and organisations.

Marrickville Councils thanks you for your support in helping to improve our community.

Minimun Waste Maximum Recovery

The sticker has been put up on the letterbox because we are too lazy to pick those catalogues and put them straight to recycle bin. They are sometimes useful for lining kitchen or cleaning cats poo but we are not going to drive to a shopping mall to get a dozen of $0.5 cheaper eggs.

Every household has No Junk Mail sticker except Junk Mail Experiment by Michael Gormly. But it does not stop them sticking unwanted mails into our letterboxes. Now the voice of a local government would probably make it clear get out of our mail boxes even though we are convinced what actions will be made when we lodge a complaint.

However, it is clear that the Councils message targets at corporate retails and leaves room for small local business. I am more than happy to support a Thai home delivery or a hippie yoga school in the suburb.

It will take some time for these organisations to get into the new world called the Internet. There is no web address mentioned above not even the Councils itself. It makes me think how I miss a hypertext. I have to put their links for them.