Thai Whiskey Nostalgia

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PHOKONG Drink for happiness and relaxation. Good taste, refreshing scent. Cheap for every class.
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Drink MEKONG Entertained
Drink MEKONG Relieved
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2 thoughts on “Thai Whiskey Nostalgia”

  1. Gai Daeng (Red Cock) didn’t last that long and apparently didn’t sell that well, but the posters and calendars were eagerly snapped up. The model was Sirikhwan Nanthasiri, 19 and from Nakorn Pathom. She had a minor career as an actress for a while, then disappeared from the scene. I remember she caught hell from khunyings and other filthy rich women for “bringing shame” on Thai womanhood. yeah, right. She explained that she was just a poor girl trying to make an honest living.

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