Phishing for Ideas

Calling TV Series Script Writers

Applications Close: Tuesday 31 August, 2010
Location: – NSW
Salary: Negotiable

We’re a Production company looking for television series scripts to develop and produce.

We’d love to hear from you if you have an idea for a television series!

There are no limitations on genre or style, we’re just on the hunt for some great ideas.

If you have something you’ve been working on that we might be interested in, please email us with:

  1. A one paragraph synopsis
  2. A copy of the script
  3. CV or information about yourself

Please email your applications to:

Please note: Due to the pure inundation of emails you may not receive a response to your application.

Seriously, this is it, an advertising calling for TV series found on Screen Hub. Basically, they want to see your ideas for a television show, any ideas, and you might, just might, be contacted. It could be the greatest idea for television format ever created but you could lose it and you might not even know it. This smells really fishy.

The thing is ideas are not copyright protected. When you give an idea to someone and they use it, legally you cannot claim it is yours anymore. That may sound awful but I believe ideas are to share and to be worked on by a bunch of people or a length of time. Some idea might not see the light forever but eventually, they could become great inventions or masterpieces.

Either you are an emerging or establishing Production company (with capital P), and you want to produce something and you do not have an idea, why not start from what you are passionate about and develop it from there. When you put an anonymous job advertising with close to nothing to offer, it means whether you are a lazy bugger or a dodgy scammer.

I have emailed them to introduce myself and ask more about their profile but will not hold my breath to receive a reply since they are expecting  “pure inundation of emails” from desperate creative peeps. My brain sometimes works is a like train of thoughts running with fuel of ideas and it is not very healthy when you cannot stop it. That is why I need to create something to let those out otherwise it is going to implode. But I will let it be and have my gray matters splattered on a floor full of filthy, hungry rats rather than share my ideas with these people unless, at lease, I know who they are.

I’ll give you $10 if they contact me back.

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