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While I was browsing a production house directory, it came to my mind that some  still touch with new media. Macromedia Flash was an over-hyped platform in the beginning of the millennium. It has developed through time and the take-over of Adobe. It might look cool those days but without supporting plugin, it is useless. For examples, these two production houses I clicked through Production Paradise. It turned out that they required an almost obsolete plugin, Flash Player version 5 and 6. What is the point of getting to know these companies? It shows how careless they are, especially, these days when the technology is moving fast. That said, what we are presenting on the web today, they might not be able to experience it in two years time if we do not keep up with the technology. Watch out!

6 thoughts on “Flash Web Fossil”

  1. This is a coutesy notice, please remove the term “Web Fossil” from your post, it is a registered trademark, and your use is an infringement.

  2. What rubbish, Tim. According to this post at the Arts Law Centre of Australia, (quoting IP Australia, who handle trademark registration), to be successful in an infringement action it is necessary to show that:

    1. Use of the infringing mark was use as a trade mark. That is, the infringing trade mark was being used to indicate a connection, in the course of trade, between goods or services and the (infringing) trader or service provider. That’s not happening here.

    2. Infringing trade mark is identical, substantially identical or deceptively similar to your trade mark. Perhaps, but all three criteria have to apply.

    3. The goods or services (or both) in relation to which the infringing trade mark was used are the same or at least similar or closely related to the goods or services for which your trade mark is registered. Well, no goods or services are being offered here at all, so it doesn’t apply.

  3. Dear Tim, Thank you for your courtesy notice on ‘Web Fossil’. Unfortunately, I have to stand the ground that this blog post will be unchanged. This post is my comment on the production houses in Australia which don’t update their Flash websites. Therefore, ‘Flash Web Fossil’ seems to be the right heading for me.

    Legally, you might be practising a notice of TM infringement action. Personally, I find anyone who does this practice is a corporate thug. You could waste your time and energy searching for the term ‘Web Fossil’ and send them a courtesy notice but please consider other’s.

    PS: I delete your URL because, to be honest, I’m really sure if your intention is to increase the traffic to your site. I’ve clicked on it and think I actually might do you a favour for that. The fact that you do web design and survive with that perplexes me.

  4. I have no need to drive traffic, and I don’t survive on webdesign. I have 12,000,000 visitors a month. You were given the note as a courtesy. Look up willful infringment and tortious interference. Govern yourself accordingly.

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