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Lost Shoe Collection 2020: May-August

Once I got a new phone in May, mobile shots of Stuff on the Street in 2020 exploded. And It wasn’t just the Fallen PPE series but also with shoes. Here are the ones from May to September. Unlike the 2019 post and the earlier ones, these shoes were found just in Washington DC. There weren’t many places I went to in 2020 but more shoes in my collections. Sorry ladies!

These shoe shots should be organised. Splitting them into four-month batches makes sense since I changed the phone exactly on 1 May. Many of them can be grouped to the nature of how they were found.

The last post was from the old phone. This one I found patterns. Next post is about how I make stories about them.

Digging stuff from 2020 always brings my emotions. Especially, when you’re not there. I wish I could stop doing this. But who’s gonna do it if I don’t.

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