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Lost Shoe Collection 2020 January – April

Apart from the massive collections of PPEs, I still photographed shoes (and other stuff) in 2020. Usually, these shoe collections are posted in a year period. But 2020 was an extreme year of the Stuff on the Streets photos. Working from home made me spend most of the time walking and running around the neighbourhoods in Washington DC. The number of shots increased from 49 photos in 2019 to almost 200 this year.

These are ones from January to April. The only one found outside the US was in Jamaica in March before the pandemic stormed the US. Life just got more interesting after that.

These shots were taken with the old iPhone 6s. I replaced the phone in May. The new one liberated me to take more shot because its more space. The rest of the shoes in 2020 will be posted soon.

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