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Sagrada Familia: Vision of Faith and Beyond

While in Barcelona, it is compulsory for me to visit Sagrada FamiliaAntoni Gaudí‘s unfinished masterpiece. It is not only to let myself merge into his visions of faith in the cathedral but also to see what else emerges beyond the architecture itself.

The design spells out the architect’s signature with the styles of Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau, and especially, Modernisme (Catalan Modernism). Tree-inspired columns aren’t just to enhance the engineering but also to replicate nature and bring us closer to the divine. The spiral stairway down from Nativity Tower creates an infinite illusion, reminding me of Animated Doodle.

Undoubtedly, the basilica is one of the most ambitious religious structures in modern times. When Gaudí took on the job, he knew they wouldn’t complete it within his lifetime. Nonetheless, his visions pass on. After his tragic death in 1926 and multiple delays, the work continues with help of today’s advanced technologies. It is fascinating to see how smooth it opens to the public during construction.

Moreover, when you look at the landmark from the city’s vantage point, it shows how the cathedral is prominent to the city and the urban planning. 

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