New Year Ceremony at Laksi Land

Laksi Land is the name of the estate where I live at my brother’s at the moment. There is strong sense of community here. It is unavoidable to attend the their New Year Buddhist ceremony, not because I quickly fit in the neighbourhood and was personally invited, but because ceremony is just 10 seconds away they put speakers right there in front of the strip.

I am a bit cranky that my peace and quiet time is abruptly invaded, to be honest. It is Mai-Pen-Rai culture, you have to get over it and live harmoniously with them. That could mean as less interaction as possible. However, I am welcomed when I show up as a stranger with a camera and they seem to be happy to make merit together. Besides, the event actually triggers me to learn more about the local Member of Parliament, Karun Hosakul, who briefly comes to greet this small neighbours. A little bit of some bonding does no harm.

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