Thailand Election Map 2007-2009

Move your mouse over the image to see the 2009 map. (It is not too long to wait for the second image loaded.)

Move your mouse over to see the 2009 map

I cannot find any visual data on by-election in Thailand to compare with the election in 2007 so I have to do it myself. Because this election is the first test of the new Government led by the Democrat and pro-Thaksin protesters (red shirts) do not like it, it is interesting to see how the votes swing.

Even though the coalition gains some stability with 20 more seats in the parliament, the country still struggles to find the way to reconcile their stands. It seems divided into two and he change is just too small to get excited.


  • This is not an actual representative of data. I just simply estimate it.
  • This map is not weighted by the number of MP in each province. For instance, Bangkok would be the biggest in proportion with 39 members.
  • It does not take a genius why I use red to represent the PPP and Peua Thai Party but why not yellow for the Democrat. Because they both are different creatures. Besides their colour is blue.
  • The years represented in the map are in B.E.
  • I would love to go deep down to electorate level. Unfortunately, it is not going to happen without the full map of Thailand. I am not that nerdy.

5 thoughts on “Thailand Election Map 2007-2009”

  1. Can you explain one feature of the colour code in more detail? When I roll over the map, some of the provinces stay in full saturated colour, while others fade. Am I correct in thinking that the ones which stay strong are those which were voted on in Sunday’s by-election? And those which fade are those which did not have elections?

    I should point out to those who do not know Thai culture that “B.E.” is the Buddhist Era calendar, a lunar calendar which starts from the supposed birthday of the Buddha himself.

  2. @Stilgherrian The saturated provinces are where the by-election was held due to those dissolution of the parties, which the colours do not change. The names are changed but not their nature so the colours stays.

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