COFA Week 1: Gettin to Know You

I forgot to mention something on my last post. I was little puzzled when my student number for the Master degree at COFA, 3230590, was almost lined up with the student number I had, 3207610589, for undergraduate study at Thammasat Univeristy in Bangkok. First two and the last four digits go together. It lets me think sometime the universe is a strange place.

The first week back to school is about fitting yourself in the place. Unlike undergraduate, most of my class is in the evening. That means I and other classmates will be walking around the campus more in the night and this winter is very cold.

Typically, this week is the introductions the courses, the course coordinators, the lecturers and, ultimately, the assignments. By the look, it is going to be a hard work:

  • Sound Construction 1; 60-90 seconds sound piece and final open sound project.
  • Video Construction1; a short narrative film and a documentary project.
  • Art After Postmodernism; some kind of reports each week to prove that we read the given articles and a presentation on nominated contemporary artist.
  • Video Art; Loop Project and Installation Project.

Time management is crucial here. I need to juggle these dense courses with my own art and photography projects and getting a new income. Looking forward to it.

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