Another Turning Point

I like to think that I am an adventurer who likes challenges. It is a big change and I have embrace it and make it works. The transition is on the way and I am settling into it.

First of all, I have got rid of the job at the restaurant. Three and a half year working at Pancakes on the Rocks was not only physically demanding but also, as a Supervisor, it was a mental test. When managing a shift, I had to look over every aspects in the Restaurant: allocating staff, checking repairs, dealing with complaints, balancing the cash register and the list goes on plus a handful of documentation to wrap up the day. It taught me a lot about leadership and it was actually fun at some degree. However, when I got back home from work, I found that I was too tired to get the productivity in photography, let alone do some networking and socialising. It was really hard to manage time and energy to get things done when your body is exhausted and your emotion in unstable.

So it is time to move on and I do not let the Restaurant as the excuse not to put myself together and progress. The Farewell Party the other night was absolutely fun. I say no more hospitality. Let’s see how it goes.

The other big change is I am back to school. Early last year, I was applying for a place in Master of Digital Media (MDM), College of Fine Arts (COFA), University of New South Wales. I really did not have much hope to get in since it was a one of the most reputable art schools in Australia. Fortunately, they accepted my application. But I had to defer the offer to this year to sort the Proof of English Ability to show that I can communicate in the particular language properly and Australian Citizenship to obtain the Government loan, HECS-HELP. Along the way, my IELTS score was 7 overall, passed the threshold of 6.5, and I received that piece of paper from the Mayor of Marrickville. I was ready to rock ‘n’ roll in the Uni.

In this degree, we get to choose whether Computer Animation of Image. I do the later. On top of that, it accompanies with other three theory electives and two studio electives. According to the courses they offer, there are too many of very interesting classes to choose from, especially in School of Art History and Theory, so that it feels that you cannot do much in this one-and-a-half-year program. There are four classes enrolled this semester:

My ambitious plan is to blog about these courses as we go and try to get more of my photography out there. The future is still uncertain since I lost the main source of income. However, I will do my best to maintain my sanity here. You can help me by giving the feedbacks, questions or just a little note to keep me going on in this adventure. The new journey is going to a very fascinating one.

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