Cockatoo Island

Cathedral-like Turbine Hal

Biennale of Sydney this year is pretty interesting with the inclusion of Cockatoo Island as one of the venues. It was a prison, then turned into a navy base and finally closed down in 1992. The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust is now in charge of the biggest island in the harbour. Sydney is very good at converting its landscape into a playground and this place is suitable for it. It hosts some music events and parties as if we do not have enough in this city. However, the trip to the island by old timber ferry alone is worth enough to go out in the lovely afternoon.

This location is like a museum by itself. When it is put in as the backdrop of an art exhibition, the two things are competing to get my attention. I will put some thoughts about Biennale of Sydney, Revolution – Forms That Turn, later. Because I always have a hot for run-down and abandoned sites, here is the first bit of my journey to Cockatoo Island.

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