Brief History of Sampling

Here is a bit we got to know about history of sound sampling in Sound Construction 1 class which I found more interesting than how-to-use-ProTool session.

In 1948 Pierre Schaeffer experimented with sounds with magnetic tape loop and created the very first musique concrète, Études aux Chemins de Fer. Then he collaborate with Pierre Henry and produced ‘Symphonie pour un Homme Seul’ in 1950.

Phillip Pavilion

1958, Edgard Varèse created a sound scape for multimedia presentation, Poème électronique, for Le Corbusier in Phillip Pavillion in Brussels World Fair. I can only imagine with the sound piece to go with the images here but in multi-channels triggered in many points. That was 50 years ago and the foundation of electronic music today.

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