At Night and Lonely

An autumn night in Sydney is not too cold to stroll along the streets, not as cold as the city itself. Not many creatures are active in this hour but the motionless despair. It invisibly creeps out of its cave and relentlessly swallow its preys, alive. There are so many lights but they cannot see way…home. Five steps to break down.


One: Looking through windows, fuel is burning to light the pantry for no one to eat.


Two: Many entrances but no access.

Down There

Three: Only one way down.


Four: Waiting to go back home.

Sweet Lullaby

Five: No where to go just sleeping on the reality.

2 thoughts on “At Night and Lonely”

  1. This is a beautiful series, ’Pong! Were the photos actually taken in this order?

    I think it’s a nice irony, though, that the night you posted this — as opposed to the night you took the photos — central Sydney was alive on a warm pre-spring night. A long way from the loneliness you show here.

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