That Old Me

I have just stumbled upon my alumni web site. I shamelessly like what they publish an old picture of me.

'Pong in Uni

It is important to me to look at the past, especially now, so that the future can be projected. I did not bring many personal stuff when I was moving to Sydney because I thought I would go back and collect them at some point. And it has been over six years since. When you are disconnected to your past for too long, how could you understand yourself very well, let alone direct the next chapters of your life.

Every piece of memories is precious. That long-haired boy was in early 90’s. He looked chubby from excessive drinking. He always wore a promotion T-shirt as a fashion statement to oppose those brand-name junkies. That particular shirt was from BAZOOKA®, a confectionery product he helped advertise to school kids through a road show based on a children program. It became too tight and was chucked away. However, it considerably had a longer life than the product itself. It must have been an event of some sort that he was wearing a bandanna. But it is hard to recall.

Thammasat years were extraordinary. I made friends of my life there. Living in another continent from them is quite hard when you need someone that knows you well. I miss them dearly.

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