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This is my small contribution to Project TOTO. I borrow Sony Z1P from COFA to have my hands on during the semester break and bring it to Stilgherrian‘s farewell party at our local pub, Kelly’s on King aka Afternoon Office™. Mark Pesce suggests that we should do a vox pop on his big journey and I agree. The hard thing in making this video is I like to enjoy the party as well as run around make people talk to the camera. Later on Stilgherrian has a play with it himself with some cutaway shots until the tape is run out.

Stilgherrian is leaving for Tanzania in just one sleeps. I’m certain that he is psyched up about this project. We are looking forward to the two world meet.

To Tanzania with Love

First Dog on Stilgherrian
First Dog on Project TOTO

In the next few days Stilgherrian will be travelling to Tanzania for Action Aid’s TOTO project. It is to set up and teach local officers to make use of social media to communicate to the world. Ideally, he is going to Africa to teach them how to blog their activities.

It has been hyped up on Twitter and bloggersphere for a while. And this could be a study case in many ways. It will be some culture shocks between revolutionary waves, organisations and Stilgherrian’s own struggle.

We are talking about a colonised country that has not been industrialised in this hyperconnected world, a non-government organization exposing and reflecting themselves through social media and a person who only once has been out of his motherland.

Although it is only a week he will be there, this test match has so many layers in it. Hopefully, they will achieve quite an experience working in Tanzania.

Road Trip to Yass

Stilgherrian was on a mission to Yass to interview Pia Waugh for special Ada Lovelace Day. Nick Hodge drove us there and to Canberra for Microsoft’s Politics and Technology Forum. While we are catching up with Pia and Jeff Waugh, Kate Carruthers joined us for lunch and a little tour around town. It was a lovely afternoon. I will post photos of Liberty Theatre Pia took us to soon.

Road Trip Live

Court House



Furnishing the Town

Old Railway Bridge

Under the Bridge

Three Witches