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First Stilgherrian Live on the Street

There you go I’m pimping it. Stilgherrian Live is somewhat a strange show. Last night show was a milestone as Stil decided to live from Clock Hotel, Crown Street, Surry Hills but we learnt that there was not enough light. We ended up webcasting on the street while walking up to Brighton Bar, Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. So it was fun the go along with the flow and take some shots of him while doing the program.

To be honest, these shots are the first decent photography in months that I am quite happy with.

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  1. Wolf 03 Oct 2008

    Very very nice work Pong…. the light trails give a great sense of motion.

    Although the last photo looks like stil is having an out of body experience.

  2. 'Pong 03 Oct 2008 — Post Author

    Thx Wolf. It’s been a while since the last photography I was really happy with, that was Mardi Gras gig. Out of body experience is quite normal in my works, tho.

  3. jp 03 Oct 2008

    reminds me of my flash and blur technique stuff I used to shoot fore the core back in the day. Very nice work pong.

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